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Sobo - Books
Chasing Grandma Moses PDF Print E-mail
Sobo, Frank
Saturday, 04 September 2010 12:38

"Ah, those days of pumping iron. Too bad you never got to pump Bubbles!" –TODD POSSEHL


"I love the sense of needing to get it all out while there’s still time." –TREVA RODEMAKER


"Frank– This is very sweet, touching, sentimental, downright humane. Are you feeling all right?" –B. R. ROBB author of RIVER GHOSTS


"Great stuff, Frank. Terrific scenes and dialogue. Thank goodness you’re off your medication." –DAVID STEINBERG Award winning author of THE WIDOW’S SON


"How easily we get things backwards, as in the story where things are treated like people and people like things. Given this, however, it does drive to a logical conclusion: an absolute nihilism– a suicide bombing bereft even of the fig leaf of religiosity ." – CHARLES BOWLING


"Lovely nostalgia to sugar spoon feed today’s spoiled gluttons. Makes me wish

this were my history also!” – FRANK RUTLEDGE


“The ending produced an emotion and longing I can’t quite name, but it left my mouth agape.” –VINCENT KELLY


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DNA Stew PDF Print E-mail
Sobo, Frank
Sunday, 05 October 2008 00:48
DNA STEW, by Frank Sobo, is the author's second humor-filled collection of short stories that brings life in New York City in the 1950's back to life with intensity, poignancy and a reality that can only be told by a man who lived it. Frank Sobo's penchant for creating new words to fit the description and his acerbic turn of a phrase slice into the reader's consciousness make DNA STEW more than a satisfying read; it is a marathon of delight.

"Frank– if you could work a live skunk in here as part of a menage a tois, think you can kill the entire gerbil business. –KEVIN BURRIS

"Aha, proof that Satan really is behind Halloween!" –TODD POSSEHL

"Your writing style is akin to getting into a racy sports car in mid-journey, exhilarated and totally enrapt." –NELLIE GREGORY

"Frank– I underlined some words in your book so I can increase my vocabulary." –ALLEN ROSS

"Good one– I was surprised, expecting one of your non-fictional fictions." –KRISTA RAVENSCRAFT

"I like the twist ending and the notion of viewing the event from the point of view of the receiver as intriguing." – DON BINGLE

"As always, you are still the jester of the unbelievable reality."– FRANK RUTLEDGE
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Crumpet Strumpet PDF Print E-mail
Sobo, Frank
Sunday, 05 October 2008 00:45

At a very early age it was evident I could draw. So I went to Brooklyn Tech where I ignored English and literature entirely in favor of art in all of its permutations.

One day, during my freshman prefect class, Mr. Rabinowitz, my prefect/math/truant officer/teacher, assigned me to write twenty pages about something, anything, for being unruly in his sphere. It was a struggle, but I did it that night.

The next morning, I came to school prepared to stand up and read it in front of my unruly, heckling peers, but Rocky Rabinowitz never even asked me to. In fact, he never asked if I’d even done it. I was pissed. I folded my masterpiece and put it away.

I continued majoring in art's mutations, in time becoming an art director in big time advertising agencies, working opposite some of the best writers around. It clawed at me however, when they often struggled and we both suffered through their writer’s blockages. I often fed them headlines, body copy, and scripts for television spots, gratis. I didn’t want them to feel the stuff wasn’t entirely theirs and resist the input. So I discreetly put the ideas and words into their heads and patted them on the back to make it all come out of their mouths so they could feel some proprietary ownership and go forward. It worked so well that I'm sure to this day, nobody realizes it. We all went on to have award winning careers. They as writers and me as an art director.

Every ten years or so, I’d stumble across the piece I’d written as a freshman and couldn’t help thinking that it was better than most of what copywriters in the business were generating. Not necessarily grammatically, but in a right brain way.

So, thirty five years into a career, I retired from being the art director, creative director, director/cameraman, in favor of the quill. So, this book.

Surprisingly, but maybe not, the book is an award finalist, too. And very soon, hopefully, another. If Grandma Moses could leave a trail of paintings behind, my goal is to leave an equivalent number of books, just because no one ever encouraged me to write at all.

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