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Books Chasing Grandma Moses
Chasing Grandma Moses PDF Print E-mail
Sobo, Frank
Saturday, 04 September 2010 12:38

"Ah, those days of pumping iron. Too bad you never got to pump Bubbles!" –TODD POSSEHL


"I love the sense of needing to get it all out while there’s still time." –TREVA RODEMAKER


"Frank– This is very sweet, touching, sentimental, downright humane. Are you feeling all right?" –B. R. ROBB author of RIVER GHOSTS


"Great stuff, Frank. Terrific scenes and dialogue. Thank goodness you’re off your medication." –DAVID STEINBERG Award winning author of THE WIDOW’S SON


"How easily we get things backwards, as in the story where things are treated like people and people like things. Given this, however, it does drive to a logical conclusion: an absolute nihilism– a suicide bombing bereft even of the fig leaf of religiosity ." – CHARLES BOWLING


"Lovely nostalgia to sugar spoon feed today’s spoiled gluttons. Makes me wish

this were my history also!” – FRANK RUTLEDGE


“The ending produced an emotion and longing I can’t quite name, but it left my mouth agape.” –VINCENT KELLY


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